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Wanborough is a village located in north-east Wiltshire, in southern England, about 3 miles south-east of the centre of Swindon.

The village is divided into two parts by a steep hill, the parts being known, not surprisingly, as Upper Wanborough and Lower Wanborough, although some old records, such as the 1841 census, refer to them as West Town and East Town respectively. It lies on a Roman road, the Ermin Way or Ermin Street, about one and a half miles north of where that road crosses the even older Ridgeway, and where it crosses that other pre-Roman road the Icknield Way.

Wanborough was once much more important than it is today, as well as being larger in area than the present parish. The Romans had a settlement here which was later taken over by the Romano-British. Several major battles are reported to have taken place within the present parish boundaries between these Britons and the invading Saxons.

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