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South Marston

South Marston is situated about 4 miles (by road) north east of Swindon, in the north east corner of Wiltshire.

The name is clearly of Saxon origin, so it must have existed as a place before the Normans arrived in 1066, but I understand it is not mentioned in the Domesday Book, the great survey of all the land and possessions throughout the country ordered by William I and compiled in 1086. The fact that fifty years or so later it had its own church shows that it must by then have had some little importance, so its omission from the Domesday Book is something of a mystery. A possible explanation is that lands held directly by the king were not required to be shown, and there is some evidence that this was the case here.

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Although the study is now dormant, the study owner is willing to add records transcribed by other contributors and surname interests.

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29 Oct 2013

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There is a list of all surnames mentioned in a book ("A Wiltshire Village") about the village by resident there Alfred Williams, published in 1912.  I am willing to look up details of entries in that book for researchers.

South Marston One-Place Study